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LETTER: City has no business funding a stadium

Regarding the article “City has room to take on stadium debt” [June 19], serving the public at any level of government isn’t easy and especially at the local level.

I can, somewhat, understand the desire of those Fredericksburg City Council members who are strongly in support of the proposal to make Fredericksburg the new home site for the Suns, a Class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, by funding a $30 million multipurpose 5,000-seat stadium. But as one taxpayer, I hope it doesn’t materialize.

Why? This project is big business and not the type of service that government should provide, even though there are some localities that do. In one of the recent news articles on this subject, it was reported that part of the payment plan would be to impose an additional 33 cents per $100 valuation on the real estate tax rate on the merchants in Central Park, while exempting a few of the others; and that seemed to be OK with some council members.

Pray tell me why the City Council would even consider putting that extra burden on any business in Central Park or any other part of the city? Is it because they think that most of the business in Central Park are national chains and they can better afford to pay the added tax?

In America, the people depend on the government to pass laws that assure economic fair play. That doesn’t happen with this proposal.

In my opinion, this is not a project for government on any level to consider funding with public money. This is a project for the private sector and, if the owners of the Sun and the Washington Nationals can’t afford $30 million-plus dollars to build the 5,000-seat multipurpose stadium, then the city should politely say “thanks, but no thanks.”

Let’s not forget, the free enterprise system is the greatest economic system in the world.

Ferris Belman



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