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Will reporter find love in frigid Alaska?

 DEBBIE Macomber’s magical tale “Starry Night,” is a sweet, enjoyable, short, contemporary romance that will give you pleasure during the busy season ahead. This book is the perfect length for holiday reading. It could easily have a future as another TV Hall mark adaptation from Ms. Macomber.

Reporter Carrie Slayton from Chicago, originally from Washington, is trying to ad vance her career. She is given the opportunity to write a “real” story, if she can get an interview with Finn Dalton, popular, elusive and reclusive writer, who lives in a remote area of Alaska. She is determined to get that story.

Dallton lives with his loyal K– 9 companion in the wilds of snowy Alaska and loves it, as his father did. He has issues with his mother, who he feels abandoned him and his father years before. He can’t get over the pain, cannot forgive her and does not include her in his life. His father chose the rugged life of Alaska; his mother wanted to stay in Washington state.

Carrie searches every avenue for information about this complicated man, and while digging into his past, finds deep secrets that pro vide insight into the man. In the end, they share forgive ness, hope and most important, love.

This is the kind of Christmas story that we romance readers wait patiently for— like good old St. Nick. Thank you again, Ms. Macomber. Until next year...

Sue Baker is circulation services manager with The Free Lance–Star.


By Debbie Macomber

(Ballantine Books, $18, 256 pp.)


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